Managing Trustee’s Message

Ramniklal K. Shah
Managing Trustee O.E.T.

A Forwarding note…….

……..In accordance to the FUTURISTIC APPROACH

Every parent wants their child to go to a great school and every young person deserves a great education. That is why improving school standards are one of the proudest achievements. Many more young people leave primary school secure in the basics, achieve good qualifications in secondary school, and stay on in education and training than a decade ago. Because we have made really significant progress over the last 30 years, and because we have prioritized investment in education, we can now aim even higher.

“My ambition is for this country to have the best school system in the world.” Why should not I think like this as an educator? We must ask this to everyone? Each one of us has a great thought getting developed every day. We want every child to succeed, and we will never give up on any child. These convictions underpin our VISION to make this the best place in the world to grow up, Ensuring every child enjoys their childhood, does well at school and turns IN A WELL GROOMED YOUTH with knowledge, skills and qualifications that will give them the best chance of success in adult life is not only right for each individual child and family, it is also what we must do to secure the future success of our country and society.

We must have a tough choice to be made to draft the project in a manner that is capable in answering the Great Enquiring minds of 21st century. This is right for children and young people, and it is more and more important in the modern economy. Every young person, not just some, now needs good skills and qualifications. That is why this proposed project is so ambitious. Parents tell us they want their children to learn in an orderly school, with a head teacher who won’t tolerate bullying, and who sets clear boundaries for behavior and high expectations for everyone. They tell us they want their children to get a solid grounding in the basics, and good qualifications whether their strengths are practical or academic or both. They want to know that if their children face barriers such as a disability or a special educational need like dyslexia, they will immediately get the help they need. We can comprehensively plan out the SCHOOL CLINIC-AN INTEGRATED DIAGNOSTIC CENTER within the school premises in association with the Pediatric Expertise available in the city.

Keeping the guidelines in focus, we will have a virtual support system to parents seeking their children learn the best and expected behaviors that defines them as a Learner of 21st century. The extension of the virtual Input will be the practicing analogy that will extend the learner equal chance of learning both in school and at home. The periodical reports to be extended on virtual portal with the query forms duly filled up at the receipt of each periodical report. This will include all practical rules to be followed by all as what the school expects out of them. In applying for a school place, every parent will agree to adhere to the school’s behavior rules, once their child is in school. It comes through real time collaboration, if things nicely poised up united keeping CHILD IN FOCUS OR CENTER OF ALL LEARNING ACTIVITIES.

Young people need to be ready to learn right from the start of secondary school. It is to be checked up by the School Leaders and Academic Head to ensure that every child is reached out during the academic procedures.Every child is expected to get for what he has come to us. If needed have a defined programme to counsel a child and extend them a REMEDIAL SUPPORT for both Academic Bridging and Psychological Balancing. This becomes our utmost responsibility to look in the matters affecting the LEARNER adversely. It will be the duty and responsibility of the school heads to ensure that LEARNING CLIMATE must not get disrupted due to anything unexpected.

We can think of our input system to empower and certify the teachers for the continual better performance of the school at large. Teaching, linked to entitlements to professional development and training, and look to establish new and stronger expectations for the development of support staff. This means that we can take the classical step further in strengthening the input methodologies by taking assurance from parents and countered communities. For each young person, this will mean a school where there is:-

  • Good behavior, strong discipline, order and safety
  • They are taught a broad, balanced and flexible curriculum including skills for learning life lessons.
  • They are taught in a way that meets their needs, where their progress is regularly checked on comprehensive and continuous manner and where additional needs are spotted early and addressed quickly.
  • They take part in sport and cultural activities religiously.
  • Their health and wellbeing is supported.
  • They have the chance to express their views.
  • They and their families are welcomed and valued.
  • And for each parent ensuring that each school delivers the Pupil Guarantee for their child.
  • Every parent will have opportunities, information and support to exercise choice with and on behalf of their child they will have the information and support they need to be involved in their child’s learning and development there will be a virtual portal extension outlining their rights and their responsibilities for their child’s schooling.
  • They will have access to extended services including support and advice on parenting.

All these can be made possible by applying strong beliefs in to actions with due respect rewarded to the learners and teaching them to respect others and developing the empathy for all equally. Being strong believer of himself and ever ready for what may come will be faced with challenges redefined.

School must be working as a centrifugal force to make this the best entity in the world to grow up. School exists to give a great start in life for every child, not just for some. That is why teachers’ join the profession of TEACHING must open to everything in the name of MAKING LEARNING HAPPEN IN EVERY CLASS CLASSICALLY. That is why school leaders take on their challenges every day and why we are taking the radical and ambitious steps to set out THE BEST AND THE EVER IMPROVING INSTITUTION FOR THE BETTER TOMORROW…..