Values and Commitments

  1. Placing the child at the centre of the educational process.

  2. Respecting and celebrating the different and unique identities of all.
  3. An educational philosophy that promotes the values of justice, equality and human rights for all children and challenges injustice and unfair discrimination.

  4. Providing children with the knowledge, skills, dispositions and attitudes that they need, enabling them to make informed moral decisions and preparing them to become caring members of society.

  5. Empowering children and young people to take an active role in society and in the stewardship of the environment.

  6. Working in a democratic way that embraces the input from children, parents, teachers and supporters to enable the highest level of partnership and participation.

  7. Working together and with other educational partners in a consultative and collaborative way.

  8. Building school communities to engage with, and work meaningfully with, the local community.

  9. Ensuring that this type of education is provided by the School and available to all families who wish to access it.


These commitments are reflected in the following mottos:
“Learn Together to Live Together”
“No Child an Outsider”
“Every Child, Matters.”

OUR SCHOOL will aim to provide an education that will enable all students to contribute meaningfully to their communities, embrace the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democratic society and develop the knowledge and skills necessary to live their lives and to build their careers in the 21st century.